How to Restrict Google Forms to One Entry Per Person: Step-by-Step Guide

Google Forms is a powerful tool for collecting data and feedback. However, in certain situations, it’s essential to restrict respondents to one entry per person to ensure accurate data collection and prevent duplicate submissions. Fortunately, Google Forms provides an option to enable this restriction. We’ll walk you through the steps to limit Google Forms to one entry per person in this tutorial.

Follow these steps to restrict Google Forms to one entry per person:

  1. Create your Google Form:  Create a Google Form, customize settings, and ensure it’s ready for use.
  2. Configure form settings:  Access form settings by clicking the gear icon in the Google Form editor.
  3. Choose the “Quizzes” tab:  Access quiz-specific settings in form settings.
  4. Turn on “Make this a quiz”: Toggle the switch to turn on the “Make this a quiz” option. Enabling this option is necessary to access the response settings.
  5. Set response settings: Scroll down to the “Response receipts” section and select the “Restrict to 1 response” option. By choosing this setting, respondents will only be able to submit the form once.
  6. Save the settings:  Save form changes by clicking the “Save” button.

Enable the “Restrict to 1 response” option to limit respondents to submit Google Forms once, preventing duplicate submissions and preventing duplicate responses.

Limiting Google Forms entry per person ensures accurate data collection, prevents duplicate submissions, and maintains fairness.



Can respondents edit their responses after submitting the form?


No, once the form is submitted, respondents cannot edit their responses. This restriction ensures data integrity.


What happens if someone tries to submit the form multiple times?


If someone tries to submit the form again using the same Google account or device, they will receive a message indicating that they have already submitted a response.


Can I enable the one-entry-per-person restriction on existing Google Forms?


Yes, you can enable the restriction on existing Google Forms by following the steps outlined in the tutorial.


Does enabling the restriction require respondents to sign in with a Google account?


No, enabling the restriction does not require respondents to sign in with a Google account. It applies to the device or browser used to access the form.


Can I change the response restriction setting after the form is published?


Yes, you can modify the response restriction setting at any time by accessing the form settings and adjusting the “Restrict to 1 response” option.


What happens if I accidentally submit the form without completing it?


If you accidentally submit the form without completing it, your incomplete response will be recorded as a submission, and you won’t be able to submit another response.


Can I override the one-entry-per-person restriction for specific respondents?


No, the restriction applies universally to all respondents. You cannot override it for specific individuals.


Is it possible to receive notifications when someone submits a response?


Yes, you can set up email notifications to receive alerts whenever someone submits a response to your Google Form.


Can I view and analyze individual responses in detail?


Yes, Google Forms automatically stores each response separately, allowing you to view and analyze individual responses in detail.


Can I collect personal information while restricting the form to one entry per person?


Yes, you can collect personal information in your form while still enforcing the one-entry-per-person restriction. The restriction applies to the number of form submissions rather than the data collected.