Is Blockchain Council Certification Worth It?

Is Blockchain Council Certification Worth It?

‍Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, and with its growth comes the need for more experts in the field. As a result, platforms like Blockchain Council have emerged to provide education and training for individuals interested in pursuing a career in blockchain. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Blockchain Council, the courses they offer, pricing, and reviews to determine if their certification is worth your time and investment.

Pros of Blockchain Council Certification


One of the key advantages of Blockchain Council is its affordability. Blockchain Council’s prices are relatively lower than other platforms that offer blockchain courses. This makes it more accessible for individuals interested in learning about blockchain technology but may not have a large budget to invest in their education.

Industry Experts

The quality of education largely depends on the expertise of the instructors, and Blockchain Council does not disappoint in this aspect. The platform boasts a team of knowledgeable and passionate blockchain professionals dedicated to teaching and spreading awareness about the technology. Their expertise ensures that the learning process is smooth and effective.

Wide Variety of Courses

Blockchain Council offers a diverse range of courses that cover various aspects of blockchain technology. From cryptocurrency to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), their curriculum spans different topics within the blockchain ecosystem. This variety allows learners to explore different areas of interest and gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology.

Relevance in the Industry

Before investing time and money into any educational program, assessing its relevance in the current industry landscape is essential. Blockchain Council’s courses focus on a growing field full of job opportunities. Pursuing certification through the Blockchain Council is a practical choice for individuals looking to enter the blockchain industry in 2022.

Cons of Blockchain Council Certification

Lack of Advanced Level Courses

While Blockchain Council offers many courses, some learners may find the content more suited for beginners. Individuals with intermediate or advanced knowledge of blockchain may not find the level of advancement they seek in the available courses. This limitation may hinder those looking for more in-depth and specialized education.

Strict Refund Policies

Another drawback of Blockchain Council is its strict refund policies. If a learner wishes to request a refund for a course, they may encounter difficulties due to the stringent refund process. This lack of flexibility can be discouraging for individuals who may not find the courses as beneficial as they initially expected.

Courses Offered by Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council provides a comprehensive selection of courses that cater to different interests and skill levels. Let’s explore some of the courses they offer under different categories:

Understanding Blockchain

Blockchain Council’s courses under the “Understanding Blockchain” category aim to introduce learners to the fundamentals of blockchain technology. These courses cover blockchain mining, public and private blockchains, and architecture. They are self-paced and typically have a duration of 6-8 hours. Here are some popular certifications under this category:

Certified Polkadot Expert4 hours
Certified Uniswap Expert4 hours
Certified Cardano Expert5 hours
Certified Quorum Expert5 hours
Certified DeFi Expert5 hours
Certified Corda Expert6 hours
Certified Hyperledger Expert9 hours

Blockchain Development

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in blockchain development, Blockchain Council offers courses that cover various aspects of blockchain development. These courses combine theoretical concepts and hands-on projects to enhance learners’ practical skills. Some of the certifications under this category include:

Certified Quorum Developer5 hours
Certified Polygon Developer8 hours
Certified Web3 Game Developer10 hours
Certified Smart Contract Auditor10 hours
Certified Blockchain Architect12 hours
Certified Metaverse Developer13 hours
Certified Blockchain Developer15 hours

Web3 & Metaverse

Blockchain Council also offers courses focused on Web3 and the Metaverse, two emerging technologies in the blockchain space. These courses aim to provide learners with a deep understanding of the underlying concepts and potential applications of Web3 and the Metaverse. Some certifications in this category include:

Certified DAO Expert7 hours
Certified 3D Designer8 hours
Certified Web3 Community Expert10 hours
Certified Web3 Game Developer10 hours
Certified Metaverse Developer13 hours
Certified Virtual Reality Developer16 hours
Certified Web3 Expert30 hours

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain Council offers a “Blockchain for Business” certification covering blockchain technology’s fundamentals and its applications in various industries. This course is designed to equip learners with the skills to implement blockchain solutions in business. Some certifications under this category include:

Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional3 hours
Certified Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional4 hours
Certified Blockchain & HR Professional4 hours
Certified Blockchain & Law Professional6 hours
Certified Blockchain & KYC Professional6 hours
Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain6 hours
Online Degree in Blockchain for Business7 hours

Cryptocurrency Certifications

For individuals interested in the cryptocurrency industry, Blockchain Council offers a variety of certifications that cover topics ranging from the basics of blockchain technology to advanced concepts such as trading strategies and risk management. These certifications prepare learners for various roles in the cryptocurrency industry, including crypto mining, research, and consulting. Some popular certifications in this category include:

Certified Bitcoin Expert5 hours
Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor6 hours
Certified Cryptocurrency Expert11 hours
Certified Cryptocurrency Trader15 hours

Pricing Structure

When considering any online course, evaluating the pricing structure is essential. Blockchain Council offers several annual membership plans with different features and benefits. However, even if you don’t opt for an annual membership, the individual course prices on Blockchain Council are relatively affordable, ranging from $130 to $300. This makes the courses accessible to a wide range of learners.

Reviews of Blockchain Council

To better understand the student experience with Blockchain Council, it’s important to consider reviews from individuals who have taken their courses. While opinions may vary, it’s worth noting that positive reviews often highlight the platform as an ideal way to learn about blockchain technology, especially for those with no prior background in the field. The teaching methods and course quality are often praised. However, critical reviews mention that some courses may be too basic for individuals with existing knowledge of blockchain. Some reviewers suggest that learning similar content for free on platforms like YouTube may be a more affordable option.


In conclusion, the Blockchain Council offers a valuable platform for individuals learning about blockchain technology. While alternative sources like YouTube may provide similar content for free, Blockchain Council provides structured courses and a guided learning experience. The affordability, industry expert instructors, wide variety of courses, and relevance in the industry make Blockchain Council certification worth considering, especially for beginners in the field. However, individuals with advanced knowledge of blockchain may find the courses less beneficial. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your learning needs and goals before deciding if Blockchain Council certification is worth your investment.

FAQs: Blockchain Council Certification

Is the Blockchain Council legitimate?

Yes, Blockchain Council is a legitimate platform. The certificates provided by the Blockchain Council are widely accepted by employers in the industry.

Which certification is best for blockchain?

The best certification for blockchain depends on your specific interests and career goals. However, the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) is highly regarded.

Are blockchain certifications worth it?

Yes, blockchain certifications can be worth your time and money, especially if you are new to the field or looking to advance your career in blockchain. These certifications provide valuable knowledge and credentials that can enhance your job prospects in the industry.

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