Crush Debt in 10 Steps (Fun & Visual!)

01- Define Your "Why":

Understanding your motivation for becoming debt-free fuels your commitment.

02- Track Your Spending:

Awareness of where your money goes is crucial for taking control.

03- Create a Budget:

A budget is your roadmap to financial freedom, allocating funds and prioritizing needs.

04- Prioritize High-Interest Debt:

Tackling high-interest debts first saves money and boosts motivation.

05- Explore Debt Repayment Strategies:

The book likely explores methods like the snowball or avalanche approach.

06- Boost Your Income (Optional):

Increasing income can accelerate debt repayment.

07- Automate Savings and Payments:

Set up automatic transfers to avoid missed payments and build savings effortlessly.

08- Embrace Frugal Living (Without Deprivation):

Find creative ways to save without sacrificing your well-being.

09- Celebrate Milestones:

Acknowledge your progress to stay motivated and reward your efforts.

10- Maintain a Debt-Free Mindset:

Cultivate a long-term perspective to avoid falling back into debt.