Hack Your Reading Speed: Ditch the Inner Monologue

01- The Silent Barrier:

Subvocalization is the silent barrier to faster reading.

02- Words vs. Ideas:

Subvocalization ties you to individual words instead of grasping ideas directly.

03- The Speed Limit:

Subvocalization imposes a speed limit on your reading based on your speaking pace.

04- Mental Bottleneck:

Your inner voice becomes a bottleneck, preventing information from flowing freely.

05- Silent Movie:

Reading should be like watching a silent movie, with images and concepts flashing by.

06- Breaking Free:

Overcoming subvocalization is about breaking free from the chains of your inner voice.

07- Train Your Eyes:

Training your eyes to move faster across the page is key to faster reading.

08- Expand Your Vision:

Practice taking in larger chunks of text at a glance to boost reading speed.

09- Mental Models:

Focus on building mental models of the information rather than sounding out each word.

10- Reading Revolution:

Overcoming subvocalization can revolutionize your reading experience and unlock your full potential.