Master Search! 10 Pro Researcher Hacks

01- Master the Keywords

Think of keywords like ingredients in a recipe. Choose specific terms that describe your search.

02- Embrace Boolean Operators

AND, OR, and NOT help refine your search. Use AND to find results with all terms, OR for any term, and NOT to exclude unwanted words.

03- Leverage Quotes for Exact Phrases

Enclose specific phrases in quotes to find results containing the exact wording.

04- Site-Specific Searches

Want information from a particular website? Use the "site:" operator followed by the website address.

05- Filetype Magic

Need a PDF, Word document, or specific file format? Use the "filetype:" operator followed by the file extension.

06- Wildcards for Flexibility

Use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard to fill in missing letters or words in your search.

07- Exploit Advanced Search Features

Most search engines offer advanced search options to filter by date, language, region, and more.

08- Befriend Search Operators

Advanced search operators like "related:" and "inurl:" unlock hidden search power. Explore them!

09- Evaluate Source Credibility

Don't trust everything online! Check the website's source, author credentials, and publication date.

10- Go Beyond Google

There's a world of search engines beyond Google! Explore specialized search engines for specific needs.