Slay Spreadsheets! 10 Excel Formulas

01- Unleash the Power of SUM:

This fundamental formula adds up a range of cells, saving you tons of time and ensuring accuracy.

02- Find the Average with Ease:

The AVERAGE function calculates the mean of your data points, perfect for summarizing large datasets.

03- vMake Counting a Breeze:

Use COUNT to tally numerical entries in a range, ideal for keeping track of inventory or analyzing survey responses.

04- Conquer Conditional Logic with IF

This versatile function lets you make decisions based on your data.  Format cells or display messages based on true or false conditions.

05- Tame Text with TRIM:

This function eliminates leading, trailing, and extra spaces from text cells, ensuring clean and consistent data.

06- Find Maximum and Minimum Values:

MAX and MIN functions quickly identify the highest and lowest values in your data set, useful for spotting outliers or trends.

07- Concatenate Text with CONCAT:

Combine text from different cells into a single string, perfect for creating full names, addresses, or product descriptions.

08- Master Date and Time with TODAY and NOW:

These functions automatically insert the current date or date and time, ideal for keeping track of deadlines or logging data entry.

09- Unlock VLOOKUP's Potential:

This powerhouse function retrieves data from a different table based on a matching value,  perfect for complex lookups and data analysis.

10- Level Up with INDEX and MATCH:

This dynamic duo offers more flexibility than VLOOKUP, allowing you to find data based on row and column positions.