01- The Power of the Master List

All tasks, ideas, and projects are captured in one central 'bucket'. This relieves you of trying to remember everything.

02- Prioritization is Essential

Not all tasks are equal. Categorize by importance and urgency (consider the Eisenhower Matrix) for focus.

03- Break It Down

Large projects feel overwhelming. Break them into smaller, actionable steps for immediate progress.

04- Focused Work Blocks

Schedule distraction-free time for deep work on important tasks. Minimize multitasking

05- Say 'No' Strategically

Protect your time. Learn to politely decline requests that don't align with your priorities.

06- Embrace Batching

Group similar, smaller tasks together for efficiency (e.g., tackling all emails at once).

07- Automate & Delegate

If a task can be automated (using tech tools) or delegated, it frees up your time for more valuable work.

08- Review and Reflect

Systems aren't static.  Take time to analyze what works and what doesn't, then adjust.

09- Celebrate Progress

Acknowledging wins, big and small, keeps motivation high. Don't just rush from task to task.

10- Flexibility is Key

No system is perfect. The unexpected will happen. Build in flexibility to adapt without your system collapsing